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Effective Leadership

Madison Nguyen knows how to get things done.

As a San Jose City Councilmember and Vice Mayor, she worked with leaders on all sides to make meaningful progress on the issues facing our community. 

  • She worked with community members and City planners to create more than 1000 units of affordable housing in her District. Her support was instrumental in bringing the Almaden Family Apartments, Corde Terra Apartments, Paseo Senter, Orvieto Apartments and Monterey Family Village to fruition.

  • She worked with residents to preserve 58 mobile home parks, saving the housing of more than 10,000 individuals in San Jose. These parks provided one of the few opportunities for truly low-income and affordable housing. 

  • She worked with two Mayors to bring traffic safety projects to her district, including major pedestrian improvements.

  • She worked with the Franklin McKinley School District and community partners to launch the Children’s Initiative, a “cradle to college” program to create a safe and fun environment where students could learn and thrive academically and socially.

  • She worked with the City of San Jose to support The Plant and the Sun Garden Shopping Center – two major new retail centers that brought jobs and opportunities to San Jose. 

  • She worked with residents to bring new parks and trails to neighborhoods that lacked green spaces, including Nisich Park, West Evergreen Park, Vieira Park and OB Whaley Ball Fields.   

We face so many challenges today - we need public servants like Madison Nguyen with a proven track record of making real progress for our communities.

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